About Summit House

About Summit House…

I started this blog as a way to organize recipes I’ve gathered, tried and loved, or as we call them in our house, “make again meals.” I wanted my favorite recipes from cookbooks, blogs, Pinterest, recipe cards, and even those memorized, all in one collection. The stationary junkie in me wanted to buy a new recipe book, and because I appreciate all things hand written, go that route. Although that sounds easy enough, I like having digital versions of old and new recipes for the ease of storing, organizing, sharing and being able to access them while knee deep in the trenches of the grocery store. And so this blog has evolved!

These are everyday recipes. Nothing over the top or intimidating and they contain reasonable ingredients. They hopefully won’t send you on a trip to a specialty food store, because sometimes that just isn’t an option. I try and use foods in their most natural and nutritional forms. I use organic ingredients at times in my own kitchen and try to buy local ingredients as much as possible. When that’s not an option, I do the best I can. For full disclosure, the main exception to any of the previously mentioned things nutritionally is when it comes to desserts. I am a total lover and expert consumer of baked goods, totally void of any nutritional value.

Any photos included with this recipe collection will probably be snapped on an iPhone and hopefully are in focus, but no guarantees! I consider a photo the cherry on top, it adds color, but let’s be real… some days I’m doing good just to get food on the table for my family and juggle keeping my sanity. That being disclosed, my pictures won’t be staged under special lighting or with food props. Real food, real ingredients for real people in real life. That’s the goal of Summit House. What are you cooking?